Buzzly is built for brands, agencies, publishers, content creators and startups. Save time and take the hassle out of consistently finding new content from industry sources to share with your audience by receiving recommended content relevant to your niche, straight to your dashboard.

Discover relevant content within your niche (or your client’s niche) using our powerful targeted keyword search. Quickly and easily find content on almost any topic, from millions of sources from across the web. Explore relevant sources, curate content that will capture and engage your audience, then click to share instantly across your social channels, or completely automate your content marketing efforts by adding to your arsenal of future-scheduled posts.

Popular Features:

Auto-Generated Captions

Save time in your content marketing efforts by taking advantage of auto-generated captions on every post.

Share on Social Media

Find and curate content, then add to your chosen social channel’s posting queue.

Engagement Analytics

Watch in real-time how an article is performing across social networks.

Save Stories

Save content and articles relevant to your niche during your content search.

Keyword Search

Enter your search term to see content results from millions of sources across the web.


Consistent, engaging content is vital for not only growing, but keeping your brand top-of-mind to your target audience.

Using Buzzly’s scheduling functionality, it’s easy to automate your content marketing strategy. Create a content marketing plan of engaging content and let Buzzly automatically post across your social channels on the dates and times you set. Create your content plan for as many days, weeks or months into the future as you wish, and take back the time you spend manually finding content and posting across your social media accounts – Buzzly is your one central content marketing platform to manage your online presence.

Popular Features:

Automate Your Content Marketing

Set the Date and Time for Each Post to Go Live Across Channels and Leave Buzzly to do the rest.
Set a posting schedule that will catch your audience’s attention at the right moment each day.

Gain a Birds’ Eye View

Gain a Birds’ Eye View of your Content Plan Calendar. View your planned and scheduled posts across months to provide a comprehensive overview of your future content marketing schedule.

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Drive conversion through your content marketing in a way that cannot be achieved using traditional sharing methods. By using Buzzly’s Call to Action (CTA) tools, it’s easy to add a custom CTA to any piece of content from across the web, increasing your brand awareness, conversion rates and sales.

Select from a range of customisable Call to Action tools to add to shared content, or go stealth by adding an invisible pixel to your article and retarget anyone who clicks on your shared content.

Popular Features:

Add a Custom Call To Action to Every Link you Share

Add a button with text, a banner, an email capture form, image, a button to like your Facebook page, or create a refer-a-friend program straight from your dashboard to capture more leads for your business.

Customisation of Call To Action

Choose the layout and design of your call to action for alignment with your brand.

Your Links with Your Domain

Customise the domain and subdomain of links to share every link under your domain for complete brand alignment.

Maximise your Advertising Conversion Rates Through Retargeting

Buzzly gives you the power to implement behavioural-based advertising; granting you granular advertising power to target users who clicked on a particular link or showed interest in a particular topic of content you have shared.

The dynamic nature of Buzzly’s features are built for powerful retargeting campaigns, meaning your strategies for behavioural targeting are endless. Gain a leg-up on your competition by addressing your advertising audience based on interests or behaviour. Capture their attention on your preferred advertising platform (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, etc.) by personalising your messaging based on insights you gain through Buzzly’s retargeting tools and analytics.

Popular Features:

Add Pixels To Your Shared Content To Advertise To Anyone Who Clicks On Your Links

Sharing valuable content from external companies within your industry is an easy method of remaining active in the eyes of your audience. But sharing these links means sending visitors away from your brand. With Buzzly, you can take your audience back through retargeting. Just add your pixel to every link you share, and retarget every user who clicked on a link you shared.

Capture Audience Attention with Unparalleled Personalisation

With Buzzly, you have the ability to be as granular in your advertising targeting as you wish. Segment your audiences based on their interests and online behaviour. Address an individual user by their interest in a topic, a website or a specific article and create your messaging around that interest to skyrocket your click-through-rate and return on advertising spend.